Definitions of "submit"
  1. The act of giving up or yielding to a higher authority or power
  2. The process of offering something such as a proposal or suggestion for review, judgment, or decision by others
  3. The formal act of handing over something or putting something in someone else's charge
  4. The act of presenting a belief, proposal, or argument for consideration or discussion
  5. The act of yielding or surrendering oneself or one's will to another or a higher power
  6. The act of accepting another person's viewpoint or decision, especially when it deviates from one's own
How to use "submit" in a sentence
  1. The lawyer had to submit the necessary paperwork to the court by a given deadline.
  2. For a proposal to be considered, it must first be properly submit to the committee.
  3. To resolve the dispute, they both agreed to submit to the arbitrator's decision.

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