Definitions of "succession"
  1. The sequence or order in which individuals gain a property, position, role, or right based on a predetermined arrangement or set of conditions
  2. The entitlement a person or their ancestors have to obtain something such as a property or title
  3. The lineage or family line that holds a right to acquire something in a predetermined order
  4. The procedural follow-up or sequence of individuals or events in an orderly manner
  5. The process where one individual substitutes another in relation to rights, duties, or other responsibilities
  6. The way a person becomes the rightful owner of a deceased person's belongings or property, particularly when that person died without a will; this can also refer to the transfer of an individual's estate to their heirs or recipients in the will
  7. The continuation of an organization's recognition as a separate legal entity
  8. The procedure that occurs when one company acquires ownership of another company
  9. The process, in international law, where a country gains the rights and standing of a different country
How to use "succession" in a sentence
  1. The will detailed the succession of assets to the deceased's children.
  2. The board announced the CEO's retirement and initiation of the succession plan.
  3. The regulations outlined the official procedure for a countries succession in the international forum.

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