Definitions of "summons"
  1. A written notice informing an individual they are obligated to attend court at a specified time and place
  2. A legal document issued by the court, delivered to the plaintiff or their attorney, for service on the defendant. This document informs the defendant of the requirement to respond in court within a set timeframe, or risk losing the case by default
  3. A legal document calling a defendant to appear in court to reply to a minor criminal charge; issued as an alternative to an arrest warrant by a legal authority such as a magistrate at the request of a prosecuting attorney
  4. An official notice requiring a person to attend court for jury service
  5. An official communication informing an individual of their mandatory appearance to give testimony as a witness in court
How to use "summons" in a sentence
  1. When the defendant ignored the summons, the court granted a default judgment in favor of the plaintiff.
  2. In response to the minor traffic violation, the officer decided to issue a summons instead of making an arrest.
  3. When the judge issued a summons for jury duty, I had to adjust my work schedule to fulfill my responsibilities as a citizen.

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