Definitions of "support"
  1. The act of furthering or helping a cause or interest
  2. To stand by or validate something as rightful or true
  3. The act of endorsing or showing favor towards an idea by arguing or voting
  4. To back with evidence or authenticate something
  5. The act of providing necessary commodities for someone's living, typically as a result of an agreement or court order
  6. To keep something upright or in position, or to preserve the structural integrity of something
  7. The process of providing help or the state of being helped
  8. A way of securing essential life necessities such as meals, shelter, and clothing, often through alimony or child support
  9. An item or method that provides help
How to use "support" in a sentence
  1. He agreed to support his child following the court's order.
  2. The new evidence will support the defense's case in the trial.
  3. Donations act as a support for the non-profit organization's projects.

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