Definitions of "suppress"
  1. This is a legal process where an act or action is forcibly ended or subdued by a figure of authority
  2. This refers to the act of keeping certain facts or information confidential and not revealing or sharing them
  3. This is the act of preventing or ceasing the broadcast, revelation or distribution of a piece of information or document
  4. The act of rejecting or excluding evidence at trial if it was illegally gathered, ensuring it is not used in the legal proceedings
  5. A situation where due process is violated when important evidence that could benefit a defendant is purposely not revealed
  6. This refers to the act of intentionally concealing or withholding evidence in a legal context
How to use "suppress" in a sentence
  1. The judge decided to suppress the evidence since it was obtained without a warrant.
  2. The attorney was accused of unethically trying to suppress important information that could help his client's case.
  3. The media company was respectfully asked to suppress specific details of the event for privacy concerns.

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