Definitions of "surcharge"
  1. The act of levying an extra cost on top of the standard or expected fee or charge
  2. The demonstration of an oversight in an account, where credit should have been granted, but was missed
  3. An extra or excess fee that is added on top of the usual or expected costs
  4. A financial penalty that is placed on a person in a position of trust, like a trustee or executor, for neglecting their duty of care when managing assets
How to use "surcharge" in a sentence
  1. The restaurant added a surcharge to bills on holiday evenings to cover additional staffing costs.
  2. During the audit, the accountant found a surcharge in the company's bookkeeping where credit transactions had been overlooked.
  3. Due to mismanagement of the client's assets, the trustee was subjected to a surcharge as a penalty for neglecting his fiduciary duties.
  4. To cover the rising card transaction fees, many small businesses have started imposing a surcharge on all card payments.

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