Definitions of "take"
  1. Refers to the act of gaining control, custody or possession, often through assertive or intentional actions
  2. Involves governmental authority seizing or restricting the use of property
  3. Means assuming the responsibilities of a certain role
  4. Refers to committing oneself to something
  5. Related to recording something in written form
  6. Involves accepting the offer of something, such as a promise
  7. Refers to legitimizing something like an oath, affidavit, or deposition through one's legal capacity, such as by administering or witnessing it
  8. Means the act of initiating an operation or action
  9. Refers to claiming or exercising a particular option or right
  10. Involves introducing an argument or point of view
  11. Refers to acquiring ownership or possession of property
How to use "take" in a sentence
  1. The city decided to take over the failing school to improve its performance.
  2. She decided to take the opportunity to claim her right to the property.
  3. They decided to take the responsibility of the legal case to ensure its successful execution.

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