Definitions of "tender"
  1. The act of presenting something for acceptance or approval
  2. An unambiguous proposal of payment or performance, demonstrated by readiness and capability to carry out the offer, like giving a check
  3. Something given as payment or fulfillment
  4. Proposing something
  5. Offering a specified amount as a settlement in a personal injury claim against an insured party
  6. Proposing something for examination or consideration, particularly in a proceeding
  7. Proposing goods or services for sale
  8. Putting securities on the market for sale
How to use "tender" in a sentence
  1. The company plans to tender its shares in the marketplace this week. .
  2. The total cost was lowered when they decided to tender a settle for the damage caused.
  3. The law firm decided to tender evidence in the ongoing proceeding.

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