thirty-day notice

Definition of "thirty-day notice"
  1. A notice given by a landlord to a month-to-month or holdover tenant, instructing them to vacate the property within 30 days. This notice does not require a stated reason and does not depend on rent payment. The tenant's failure to leave after these 30 days may result in an eviction lawsuit. This type of notice, while common, varies depending on the state laws and local rent control rules
How to use "thirty-day notice" in a sentence
  1. When the landlord wanted to renovate the apartment, he served a thirty-day notice to his month-to-month tenant.
  2. Despite paying all their dues, the holdover tenant was given a thirty-day notice to vacate.
  3. Owing to the local rent control rules, the thirty-day notice didn't apply for the rented property in downtown.

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