Definitions of "toll"
  1. A fee that's imposed for the usage of a transportation route or infrastructure
  2. The act of ending or canceling something, typically a right
  3. The process of eliminating or reducing the impact of something
  4. A state of being temporarily halted or paused
  5. The temporary stoppage or cessation of something's operation or impact
How to use "toll" in a sentence
  1. The toll for using the highway increased when infrastructure maintenance costs went up.
  2. The court decided to toll the individual's right to seek compensation after they missed the deadline.
  3. Lawyers worked quickly to toll the effect of the unfavorable verdict on their client's reputation.
  4. There was a toll in the legal proceedings to allow for new evidence to be presented.
  5. Implementing a toll on the enforcement of the law allowed the community to better adjust to the new regulations.

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