Definitions of "trade"
  1. A routine occupation or business that one is involved in on a regular basis
  2. Any profession requiring practical skills, usually involved with hand work or operating machinery
  3. The group of people who are actively practicing a particular occupation
  4. Refers to the business activity where goods or services are bought, sold or exchanged
  5. A specific act or incident of buying, selling or exchanging goods or services
  6. The act of actively participating in the process of buying, selling, or exchanging goods
  7. The act of giving one item in return for receiving another
  8. The act of participating in sales activities
  9. Substituting one good for another
  10. Actively participating in repeated buying and selling for the purpose of quick profits, often applicable in the context of stocks or commodities
  11. Items or services directly related to or used in a specific trade or business
  12. A particular occupation or business activity
How to use "trade" in a sentence
  1. The city has a busy trade in local and imported goods.
  2. Learning the trade of a carpenter can open up many opportunities in the construction industry.
  3. Due to recent trends, the coffee trade has seen a significant boost.

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