Definitions of "traffic"
  1. The process of trading goods, both import and export
  2. The act of buying and selling or bartering as part of a business
  3. A disreputable or illegal commercial activity, often clandestine
  4. The movement of people or vehicles in a particular area or along a specific route
  5. Any vehicles, pedestrians, ships, or planes that are moving along a specific route
  6. The transmission of signals or data over a communication system
  7. The cargo or passengers that a transport system carries
  8. The business specialty that involves moving freight or passengers
  9. The act of engaging in the trade of goods or services
  10. The act of moving over a certain distance or area
  11. The process of engaging in bartering or trade
How to use "traffic" in a sentence
  1. The police are increasing patrols to manage traffic during the holiday season.
  2. The company gained significant profits from traffic in electronic goods.
  3. Illegal traffic of wildlife products is a serious issue that concerns the authorities.

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