Transit Without Visa (TWOV)

Definition of "Transit Without Visa (TWOV)"
  1. A situation allowing a foreign traveler to pass through a country without needing a nonimmigrant visa, given the individual's immediate and uninterrupted journey to another country is ensured under special agreements with a transporting company
How to use "Transit Without Visa (TWOV)" in a sentence
  1. Under a TWOV rule, a traveler from France can transit through the U.S. to reach Canada without needing a U.S. nonimmigrant visa.
  2. Transit Without Visa (TWOV) privilege allows John, an Australian, to transit through U.S while on his journey to Mexico without a U.S. visa.
  3. Because of the agreement between the airlines and U.S. Immigration, Lucy was able to take advantage of the Transit Without Visa (TWOV) program when traveling from Japan to Argentina.

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