Definitions of "trust"
  1. A type of relationship where one party manages another's property for their benefit, with one party holding legal ownership and the other party holding beneficial ownership
  2. An organization formed when this type of relationship is established
  3. A group of firms or corporations combining through an agreement, where shareholders swap their shares for interests in the combined entity, handing over the management and operation to the trustees
  4. A combination or collection of business entities brought together by various methods,
  5. A responsibility or duty placed in good faith or as part of a specific relationship
  6. Something given to one party to manage or care for in the interest of another party
  7. The position, duty, or privilege of a person to whom something is entrusted, implying a certain responsibility or office
How to use "trust" in a sentence
  1. The beneficiaries received annual payouts from the trust set up by their parents.
  2. The multinational corporations formed a trust to manage shared assets.
  3. A trustee accepts the trust placed in them by managing the assets prudently and in the best interests of the beneficiary.

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