Definitions of "trustee"
  1. A person or entity that is given the responsibility to manage something on behalf of another person or entity
  2. A person who is part of a board that has the authority to manage the funds and direct the policies of an institution or organization
  3. A country tasked with overseeing a trust territory
  4. An individual or entity legally appointed to manage property for the advantage of a beneficiary, which can be an individual or a charitable organization. They hold the legal title to the entrusted property
  5. An individual, such as a corporate director, who is in a position of trust and carries out duties similar to a trustee
  6. The act of entrusting something to the care of an appointed individual or entity
  7. The act of occupying the role of a trustee in managing entrusted property or affairs
How to use "trustee" in a sentence
  1. The trustee ensured that the trust funds were allocated according to the donor's wishes.
  2. After the business owner's sudden death, a trustee was appointed to manage the company on behalf of the beneficiaries.
  3. The role of a trustee is not only to manage the trust property but also to ensure the well-being of the beneficiaries.

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