Definitions of "unreasonable"
  1. A decision or action that goes above and beyond what is generally acceptable or justifiable
  2. Something that is noticeably inappropriate, excessive, or harmful, either by extent or type
  3. A state where the action or decision lacks proper justification, given the facts or circumstances at hand
  4. A situation where actions are not backed by legal support, like a warrant, or allowable exceptions to a warrant, and is hence constitutionally incorrect
How to use "unreasonable" in a sentence
  1. The client claimed that the landlord's eviction order was unreasonable, as it was issued without a proper reason.
  2. Her lawyers argued that the punishment was unreasonable, considering the minor nature of the offense.
  3. The court ruled the police's search of the house as unreasonable as it was conducted without a valid warrant.

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