virile share

Definitions of "virile share"
  1. The portion of liability that a person involved in a joint responsibility, like a business partner, carries
  2. The liability amount that a debtor has under a united responsibility. This obligation might stem from a contract or a quasi-contract. Each participant has an equal amount of responsibility unless a different arrangement was established or a court ruling decides otherwise
  3. A quantified responsibility dependent on the involved party's proportionate fault. This responsibility occurs when the obligation is due to a wrongful action such as negligence, or a quasi-wrongful action
How to use "virile share" in a sentence
  1. The contract stipulates that the virile share each business partner holds is fifty percent, equally dividing the responsibility.
  2. In cases of negligence, determining the virile share of each party would require examination of their proportionate fault in the incident. .
  3. Through a court ruling, the company was deemed responsible for the full virile share of the losses due to the breach of contract.

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