Definitions of "vote"
  1. An official declaration, typically in writing, expressing an individual's stance or preference regarding a proposed decision
  2. The accumulated count of distinct deciding opinions made known collectively at a specific moment
  3. The combined preference or stance of a group of people determined by the process of voting
  4. The granted authority or entitlement to make an opinion known by voting
  5. The act of making an official decision or choice by casting a vote
  6. The procedure or approach followed when casting a vote
  7. The process of expressing an opinion or making a decision by means of a vote
  8. The application of one's political rights to choose or select representatives by voting
  9. The process of selecting, approving, settling, defeating, or giving consent to a decision by way of voting
  10. The process of expressing decisions about a corporate matter by casting votes based on vested interests
How to use "vote" in a sentence
  1. In the board meeting, they will vote on the new policies regarding work from home.
  2. Every citizen who is of legal age has the right to vote in the political elections.
  3. Each shareholder could vote according to their share proportion on the company's new acquisition.

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