Definitions of "warrant"
  1. A document or authorization granting authority or permission to take a certain action
  2. An instruction from an official individual to another, directing the payment of public funds to a chosen individual
  3. An official authorization, specifically by a judicial official, permitting an officer to perform an act related to the administration of justice
  4. A temporary financial obligation of a government entity, such as a municipality, issued prior to receiving its expected income
  5. A certificate released by a company, providing the rights to the owner to buy the company's capital stock at a fixed price, either before a certain date or at an indefinite future time
  6. To provide assurance or guarantee, especially in the context where one becomes accountable or answerable
  7. To give a legal or official assurance of title
  8. To ensure protection or assurance by providing a guarantee
  9. To declare as a guarantee or ensure that something will be as described
  10. To provide official authorization for an action through a warrant
  11. To provide or act as an adequate reason or authorization
  12. To verify the validity or truth of something
How to use "warrant" in a sentence
  1. The government issued a warrant to seize the suspect's property for investigation purposes.
  2. The shareholders exercised their warrants and bought the company's stock when its price hit a record low.
  3. The judge didn't grant the warrant for the arrest due to a lack of substantial evidence.

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