Definitions of "warranty"
  1. A guarantee provided in a property deed by the seller to the buyer, allowing the buyer to obtain compensation if someone else claims ownership of the property
  2. A guarantee attached to a sale or lease contract, ensuring the buyer that the product or service is as it was described and providing the buyer recourse if it's not
  3. A written affirmation, usually provided by a manufacturer, asserting the quality of a consumer good and the manufacturer's obligation to fix or replace defective components
  4. A declared assurance in an insurance agreement by the policyholder, stating a fact about the subject or risk covered by the policy exists or will exist, or confirming a related action has occurred or will occur
How to use "warranty" in a sentence
  1. The home seller didn't disclose any latent defects in the property, violating their warranty to the buyer.
  2. The car manufacturer honored its warranty by replacing the faulty engine parts at no charge to the customer.
  3. In his insurance policy, he affirmed by warranty that there had been no previous damage to the insured property.

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