Definitions of "will"
  1. Refers to an individual's preference, intention, or deliberate decision in a particular situation or action
  2. Pertains to a person’s mental capability to formulate wishes, make choices, form desires, or plan intentions
  3. Indicates a formal, legally binding document that clearly outlines an individual’s decisions on how their property and assets should be managed and distributed after their death
  4. Used to describe the act of obligating or commanding something to happen through one's own determination or decision
  5. Represents the action of assigning or conveying property to someone else through a formal legal document
How to use "will" in a sentence
  1. The parents will their property to their only child, ensuring they would take over upon their passing.
  2. Despite the pressure she felt, she firmly stood by her will to pursue a career in arts.
  3. With the help of a lawyer, they drafted a will outlining the distribution of their assets after death.

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