Definitions of "witness"
  1. A certification of a fact or occurrence
  2. Proof provided through signature, oath, or seal to affirm the credibility of a legal document or transfer
  3. A person who provides testimony about specific events or facts under investigation
  4. An individual who is asked to be present during a legal transaction to confirm its execution
  5. The provision of evidence or confirmation
  6. The act of serving as a corroborator or observer
  7. The act of observing and signing a legal instrument to validate its execution
  8. The official act of observance and testimony in matters such as transactions or enforcements of legal penalties
  9. The act of personally experiencing or observing an event
  10. The act of noticing or recognizing
  11. The act of providing evidence or testifying
  12. Refers to an object or place used to define a precise boundary point, especially when marking the point directly is not feasible or possible
How to use "witness" in a sentence
  1. The notary asked Jane to witness the signing of the legal document.
  2. The boundary stone serves as a witness for the exact property line.
  3. The attorney called in a witness to testify about the events that occurred during the incident.

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