Definitions of "zone"
  1. A labeled section within a larger area, designated for a specific purpose
  2. An area in a town or city that has specific rules about what can be built or what activities can take place there
  3. An area in which a flat rate is applied by a service provider, e.g., public transit
  4. An area of a road where specific traffic laws or rules apply
  5. An act of dividing a city or town into different areas, each with its own set of rules and regulations
  6. A categorization of property decided by a city based on its allowed types of use
  7. A limitation setup where different types of activities are restricted to different areas
How to use "zone" in a sentence
  1. The decision to zone the city center for commercial use was met with mixed reactions.
  2. The fare for the train ride depends on how many zones you will be traveling through.
  3. The speed limit was lowered within the school zone to ensure children's safety.

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